Transfiguration Morning…

Blued-eyed sky and Sunlight

There is Peace here.
This morning the sky is blued-eyed — cloudless and bright…  sunlight has clothed the wetland wood across my gravel road and every green hue is alive with  its touch.
It is an August morning — the Feast of the Transfiguration — and my world awoke to this quiet beauty — the breathing of the sea-tides echoing in my chest… the rise and fall of my own rhythm — my heart keeping the beat.

I am sitting in this Quiet.
There are dishes waiting in my sink — remnants of a quick dinner before writing my paper that was due at midnight… they have been patient and will soon be clean again, but they are quiet as they wait.
The boys have had their morning meds with breakfast, the cats are resting from their nocturnal play…
In this moment nothing is clamoring for my attention.

I can feel this new day washing over my corner of the world — what is this magic that keeps us spinning through time — ever forward, ever onward? Is it this Quiet – this Foundation-of-Everything holding us all together? It is holding me here — cradling us all, just waiting to be recognized… to be known.

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

Inside, we’re all longing to be mystics — longing to know and be known — to sit in the Silence of ourselves surrounded by the bustle and noise of living. We’re all yearning for connection — to have Light clothe us in our innate hues and reveal our beauty to the world. Can’t you see the brightness of summer’s-light in the eyes of those around you? We’re all seeking Communion… Be gentle in your gaze — soft, compassionate eyes are the key to sight here.  Be kind, and See.

“Be still, and know…”


America the Beautiful…

The Sea at St. Mary’s-by-the-Sea after Sunday Mass

The sanctuary was packed at St. Mary’s by the Sea this morning. Our small town has been inundated with visitors for the 4th of July holiday weekend, which means our Masses were full… It was like playing piano for an army — every voice raised in song together… so intense.
We  sang America the Beautiful as our closing song — every verse at the top of our lungs —  with spontaneous applause at the end and happy murmurs echoing among the crowd as they began to make their way outside. It wasn’t necessarily the song itself — it was the fact that everyone knew it well from their childhood, and everyone felt the joy of an entire building singing together… that connection…

Outside the sunlight was blinding, and everything it touched felt bright and beautiful — the faces of strangers, the grasses on the knoll above the beach, the waves in their retreat at low tide… the statue of Mary overlooking us all as a mother does… And myself – still trembling with the leftover adrenaline from the intensity of playing for everyone to sing — my heart still racing with the fullness of it all.

Our world can often seem full of darkness — but then, there are moments that remind us there is so much Beauty here — this world is truly charged with Glory… each person lit with Life – shining with the Love they were created to be… to know… to give… 
I’m afraid so many of us are missing the point — missing the mark… there really is no room for anything but Love in our interactions with others. We were made to bring Peace.

Be kind — it’s All Grace.

“O Strength in the flight of the heron,
Joy in the song of the lark,
Peace in the mists of the morning,
And Light in the leaves of the Park!
Everywhere shineth Thy Beauty,
Yet everywhere only in part –
Come, Holy Spirit, I pray Thee,
And dwell with Thy Flame in my heart!”
John Bradburne, Angelus (1958) [547]

Sonnets and Sunshine…

KitKat and Little-Bit sharing a patch of sun

Summer term began today – conveniently on the first day of Summer.

This term I gave myself a treat —

Shakespeare and a piano class — though I’m not sure how we’ll do the piano class online. Still, learning a bit more about making music on the instrument I play every weekend for the choir can only be a positive thing. And Shakespeare — well that’s purely for me. The comfort of an old friend in the guise of a college class during a difficult time… I remember so vividly when I met him when I was six or seven — it was “The Flying Karamazov Brothers – The Comedy of Errors” — I thought the utter confusion caused by the two pairs of twins was hilarious. It still makes me smile thinking about it. :) (And it’s still my favorite.)

I should pick up Jane Eyre for a bit of comfort reading as well. Though I’ll probably be steeped in Shakespeare during any free-reading time this term. (Not that I mind. :) ) Still, a nice, cozy afternoon with Jane could be just what the doctor ordered… and I have such a lovely copy too — a beautiful little hardback that fits right in the palm of my hand. Second-sister would agree that Jane could be the perfect comfort read right now.

We are recovering from covid… still feeling the fatigue, but hopefully that will pass soon. The sunshine has been glorious for the past few days, and that has really helped. I know that part of this heaviness is just being plain heart-sick… Sometimes the only way from point A to point B is straight on through a valley. There’s a reason “it was not good for man to be alone” (Gen. 2:18) — life is harder without a partner — harder when there’s no one around the corner who has your back.

But —

There are still sonnets and sunshine…

And warm cats snuggled beside me…

There’s sunlit waves and sunlit leaves…

Summer is here — and I am home.

Somehow, it’s all Grace.