Transfiguration Morning…

Blued-eyed sky and Sunlight

There is Peace here.
This morning the sky is blued-eyed — cloudless and bright…  sunlight has clothed the wetland wood across my gravel road and every green hue is alive with  its touch.
It is an August morning — the Feast of the Transfiguration — and my world awoke to this quiet beauty — the breathing of the sea-tides echoing in my chest… the rise and fall of my own rhythm — my heart keeping the beat.

I am sitting in this Quiet.
There are dishes waiting in my sink — remnants of a quick dinner before writing my paper that was due at midnight… they have been patient and will soon be clean again, but they are quiet as they wait.
The boys have had their morning meds with breakfast, the cats are resting from their nocturnal play…
In this moment nothing is clamoring for my attention.

I can feel this new day washing over my corner of the world — what is this magic that keeps us spinning through time — ever forward, ever onward? Is it this Quiet – this Foundation-of-Everything holding us all together? It is holding me here — cradling us all, just waiting to be recognized… to be known.

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

Inside, we’re all longing to be mystics — longing to know and be known — to sit in the Silence of ourselves surrounded by the bustle and noise of living. We’re all yearning for connection — to have Light clothe us in our innate hues and reveal our beauty to the world. Can’t you see the brightness of summer’s-light in the eyes of those around you? We’re all seeking Communion… Be gentle in your gaze — soft, compassionate eyes are the key to sight here.  Be kind, and See.

“Be still, and know…”


Midday Musings

I walked to the beach and back during my lunch break with my hubby today. It smelled like the hikes I took daily as a teenager – water and earth, sunshine, damp bracken and gravel, and then… a different scent – The Sea. She is the only difference from my youth spent much further inland in the woods east of the Willamette Valley, and she is a constant presence now — scent and sound even when out of sight. Sometimes there’s just the low constant hum of the waves rumbling below the surface of conscious notice, and sometimes she roars with wind and intensity — a ferocity bound by the shore even when she seems to be bent on reaching further… The Pacific has an ironic name – she is not a tame companion, even if a constant one.

Today she gave the impression of playfulness amid the sea foam and sunshine. I wanted to stay and play – we were the only ones there in the middle of the day — stealing unseen kisses and pretending the world is as it should be… But of course, it was a lunch break — time was limited and I am not free to ignore reality, or create my own… Today has been another difficult day for so many — Covid is not as tame as people would like to believe… Perhaps Omicron is not as fierce as Delta, but neither is Alpha, and without a vaccine every variant is dangerous and unpredictable as the sea…

This weekend I will have three days off — there is sunshine in the forecast and I hope to spend some time in it. There will be schoolwork and housework… There are books to read, and I have a new sweater to begin knitting (yay!) — the time will fly — but it will be enough to remind me that life is good. The tides are constant and faithful, even if not safe, and Time’s rhythm of life is the same… Change is constant.

Let nothing disturb you;
Let nothing frighten you.
All things are passing.
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Nothing is wanting to him who possesses God.
God alone suffices.” St. Teresa of Avila (found on her bookmark)

Peace and Quiet…


I keep thinking that I’m going to be able to put up posts here on a more regular basis, but life just keeps charging ahead and days pass before I even realize where they’ve gone. Yesterday I spent the entire day writing pieces for work, which meant that the house required a lot of attention for the first half of my day today. Then it was time to practice the music for Saturday evening which took up the rest of the afternoon, but I’m feeling much more comfortable with it now. I’ll work on it a little bit tomorrow and then just leave it and let what will be, be. This instrument and I have been sharing music with others since I was 12 — I think we can handle this (and my hubby will have my back with vocals)… :)


Life might move too quickly to allow me to post regularly, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no time for peace — it just means that I take the moments of quiet and calm seriously, and I don’t necessarily feel the need to fill them with more requirements like writing a “post” or keeping up with social media. What I miss out on in digital connection with the outside world, I make up for with time snatched from the jaws of “busyness” for quieting my soul.

“Surely I have stilled and quieted my soul…” (Psalm 131:2)

Today, amid all the “homemaking” I finally found my Liturgy of the Hours books and even found the time to look up where we are, so tomorrow morning I’ll be able to quiet my soul with the Office of Readings and the Hours — one of my favorite ways to connect with the rest of the world from the peace of prayer. There’s something beautiful about praying the Hours with the world… morning-quiet, the sound of the ocean, and the Psalms… I’m looking forward to it.

Tonight, as I get ready to sleep I’m resting in the knowledge that while life keeps moving on and the world continues its journey around the sun, there’s still time to pause… time for Quiet… time to pray.

…and I’m grateful…

  1. practicing guitar…
  2. singing with my hubby…
  3. baking muffins in our new kitchen…
  4. deer in the front yard…
  5. FaceTiming with family…
  6. Healing Touch level 3…
  7. new friends…
  8. family coming to visit!!!
  9. new vacuum cleaner… :)
  10. walking on the beach with my hubby…

It’s all Grace…