Transfiguration Morning…

Blued-eyed sky and Sunlight

There is Peace here.
This morning the sky is blued-eyed — cloudless and bright…  sunlight has clothed the wetland wood across my gravel road and every green hue is alive with  its touch.
It is an August morning — the Feast of the Transfiguration — and my world awoke to this quiet beauty — the breathing of the sea-tides echoing in my chest… the rise and fall of my own rhythm — my heart keeping the beat.

I am sitting in this Quiet.
There are dishes waiting in my sink — remnants of a quick dinner before writing my paper that was due at midnight… they have been patient and will soon be clean again, but they are quiet as they wait.
The boys have had their morning meds with breakfast, the cats are resting from their nocturnal play…
In this moment nothing is clamoring for my attention.

I can feel this new day washing over my corner of the world — what is this magic that keeps us spinning through time — ever forward, ever onward? Is it this Quiet – this Foundation-of-Everything holding us all together? It is holding me here — cradling us all, just waiting to be recognized… to be known.

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

Inside, we’re all longing to be mystics — longing to know and be known — to sit in the Silence of ourselves surrounded by the bustle and noise of living. We’re all yearning for connection — to have Light clothe us in our innate hues and reveal our beauty to the world. Can’t you see the brightness of summer’s-light in the eyes of those around you? We’re all seeking Communion… Be gentle in your gaze — soft, compassionate eyes are the key to sight here.  Be kind, and See.

“Be still, and know…”


Of Civics and Thanksgiving…

The Professor in front of the Oregon State Capitol 

Well, our trip to the state capitol was a huge success. :)

Representative Bynum was very respectful of The Professor and appreciative of his criminal justice reform ideas. She’ll be taking them to the proper committees and checking on any bills that might be in the works related to them. Actually, she was so impressed with him that she personally invited him to come be her intern for a day when the next legislative session begins. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect during the meeting, but I knew The Professor would be in his element — civics, laws, brainstorming civic solutions — these are some of his favorite things.

I actually hadn’t been to the state capitol building since I was in Junior High, and I was impressed to see some of the ways technology has been introduced since then to make the work they do there more efficient. There is even a nifty fingerprint scanner available to aid in the voting process — very cool. :) The building itself is like a living history lesson — every part of it seems to tell another piece of the history of Oregon… and there is soooo much beautiful craftsmanship! We took plenty of pictures, but in thinking over the day I keep thinking of ones I wish I would have taken. The next time we go I’ll be sure to take a few more.

Oregon State Capitol Building

There was the usual awkward cover up of surprise when I introduce myself as The Professor’s mom, but it was over very quickly. (I look young for my age still, so as he gets older people often initially think we’re siblings — I’m used to it now, and try to consider it a compliment rather than condescending.) After he had been talking with them for awhile, the natural question of where he went to high school came up since he was so well educated in the issues that he was discussing. (He makes me look good.) :) West River Academy was such a blessing for us — giving my boys the freedom to be in complete control of their studies and allowing them the intellectual liberty I wanted to give them all the way through their education. I love how they are both so entrenched in the learning lifestyle that they’re still studying their pet subjects and working on their projects as their physical abilities allow even though they’ve both graduated now. (The Philosopher actually spent most of the day working on his writing while we were away.)

It was wonderful to see The Professor’s thoughts and ideas so appreciated and taken so seriously. Living day in and day out with autism means that I don’t always get to see him shine like that — some days are like the day he had yesterday, where his head is hurting so bad (or he’s so upset) that significant periods of the day were spent non-verbal. It’s hard for people to understand if they don’t experience it themselves. I am so proud of how my boys continue to move forward through life no matter what the days might hold for them. I’m proud of their ability to think for themselves — in their own unique ways — and yet they remain respectful of everyone else’s intellectual freedom as well. The Professor in particular is fascinated by other people’s perspectives simply because he knows very well that he experiences the world different from everyone else, and he enjoys knowing more about how other points of view intersect (or don’t) with his own. We had a great time discussing issues all the way down to the capitol and back… it was a blessing to get to spend so much time with him and not have any doctor visit involved. :)



Tonight, I am tired… but as I listen to the boys brainstorming for their writing projects in the living room — I am flooded with thanksgiving… eucharisteo… as Ann would say.  As I listen to the rain on the roof and the wind blowing outside, snuggled in the warmth of a blanket — as I look at my world with soft eyes… I hear Andrew Peterson’s Don’t You Want To Thank Someone For This? play through the recesses of my mind.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.” (1 Chronicles 16:34)

I am grateful…

  1. The Professor sharing his thoughts freely…
  2. The Philosopher making me laugh… :)
  3. leftovers!!
  4. finally getting the necessary cords to set up the home office…
  5. rain on the roof and warm blankets…
  6. watching Frasier as a family… :)
  7. trustworthy mechanics…
  8. beautiful artwork…
  9. blue sky and clouds…
  10. playing photo tourist with The Professor…

It’s all Grace…