A New Look… and 20 Years


Life doesn’t seem to get any quieter.

I decided to give my blog a little makeover to see if it will encourage me to spend what little extra time I have sharing bits of life-happenings in this little corner. I think my last blog theme wasn’t inviting enough. Of course, there’s a good chance it doesn’t matter how inviting the theme is – I can’t make more minutes appear in a day, but I’m hoping I can find a way to spend a few of them here at least semi-regularly.


The evening before New Year’s Eve my hubby and I took this picture.


We were out on a date to see a group called Straight No Chaser, an a cappella group I’ve been a big fan of for the last 5 or 6 years (about as long as they’ve been on the music scene). I was absolutely thrilled to be seeing them live! It was the perfect way for us to begin celebrating the 20 year anniversary of our engagement. On New Year’s Eve, 20 years ago, I said, “Yes,” and about six months later, on the 9th of June, we were married.

We’ve been sharing the adventure of life together ever since.

You never know what lies ahead on the path before you, but it sure does help to know you have someone on your side, no matter what happens. There’s something really unique about sharing most of your life with one person – loving together, losing together, laughing together, and just plain living together. We have watched each other grow… and age. So many years, so much time… and yet it’s passed so quickly. One minute it was just the two of us, then we blinked and were young parents, then our boys were half grown, and now suddenly one is 18. Time seems to just speed up as the years pass. Sometimes, I wish this constant spin around the sun would slow down and grant us more time together – more time with our boys, more moments for memories – but I’m so grateful to have this man to spend my life with…

If the moments must fly by, at least we’re watching them fly by together.





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