Busy with Mercy… Beautifully Busy…

Works of MercyIt’s been busy around here since I wrote last. My Mister has officially passed all the tests required for teachers in the state of Oregon, so he’s all set to begin his MAT at the University of Portland this month and on track for becoming a middle school Social Studies teacher – graduating next May. Also, I’m completely registered in the Eastern Massage track at Oregon School of Massage, and my classes begin this month too. It’s all pretty exciting! :) I’m hoping to work with autistic children and their families (since that’s what I know), while also working with the elderly and those who are terminally ill, or long-term hospital patients of any age. I’ve spent so many hours alone in the hospital while struggling with my Dysautonima issues – hours alone, just waiting for saline to drip into my veins, and hoping my heart wouldn’t freak out… I understand in a very real way how hard it is to be that weak and vulnerable…

The presence of someone who cares makes all the difference.

I had a visitor once or twice during all the hours I was laying in a hospital bed (something I did at least once a week for 4 to 6 hours in order to try to keep up my blood pressure with the saline drips without stressing out my heart), and I have never forgotten how comforting it was to have someone there. Hospitals are lonely, scary places — bleak and white — I have never felt more insignificant – or less than everyone else – than I felt laying in a hospital bed by myself. If someone did stop by for a few minutes (including nurses and hospital staff), there was absolutely no touching… the only touch of any kind most people receive in a hospital brings more pain, or if it doesn’t it’s still very clinical and impersonal — which adds to that feeling of being somehow less human or just plain less than healthy, productive people. The memories alone bring that darkness back to me in a very real way — like a blanket of heaviness and helplessness thrown over my head… Depression is a natural side effect… and the memories take me right back there.

I want to change all that for others…

I’m looking forward to seeing how my dreams take shape in the coming years. We’ll see… In the immediate future I’ll be doing a lot of studying in-between all my wife and mama work.  :) The Professor is officially graduated from high school (he’s currently looking into a job captioning videos while he continues to study computer programming and languages), and The Philosopher is finishing up his first year high school — of course, his school-years blend together since we’ve never really taken a summer break — so I’m still staying busy in the home education department. The Professor and I serve at our local parish’s foodbox ministry a couple times a month, which helps us be directly involved in our little community, and My Mister and I are starting a half-way house prison ministry next week — we’re actually putting it together from the ground up — which is going to be a great form of outreach for us. It’s going to be like the “old days” — I’ll be on my guitar, he’ll be “preaching,” and hopefully we’ll be able to get the residents involved as they get used to us being there.

Life is busy… but it is good… and I am grateful


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