Exciting Opportunities!


My husband received some wonderful news this week. He was accepted into the Masters of Teaching program at the University of Portland! This is a great opportunity for him, and by extension for the rest of the family. After over a decade dealing with the roller coaster of the mortgage industry – which he was good at, but made him miserable – he’ll be doing something that he absolutely loves, and getting to make a difference in the lives of kids! His plan is to teach Social Studies to middle schoolers, and it’s going to be such a change to see him excited to go to work in the morning. I’m completely thrilled for him!!! Just getting into this program is a big deal, and I’m so proud of him!

I know that for many people, as long as they’re making money, they don’t really care what they do for a living, but for some of us that kind of attitude is a good way to just spend your life miserable. Some of us need to feel like what we’re doing matters – like we’re making a difference when we go about the act of living our lives. My husband and I are both these types — people that need to know that our lives are making a positive difference in this world, and what we’re doing has meaning. It’s the lives we touch that make our lives matter and give us purpose. Whether it’s our family members — our children and each other — or the people we interact with on a daily basis, knowing that we’re making a positive impact on others makes us feel fulfilled. Thankfully, our new areas of study and work are going to fill this need really well, and we’re actually going to be spreading our influence and making a real difference in people’s lives in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible even a few months ago.

With my hubby starting this new journey, and my LMT program, it’s really an exciting time to be in our little family. The Professor is learning to drive – a skill that never seemed to be a realistic possibility for him before — and The Philosopher is firmly planted in his high school education years… there’s just so much going on around here! For our autistic sons and ourselves, the future is looking bright, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the next few months and years unfold before us. It’s all so exciting!!! :)


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