New Beginnings…


It’s time for a new beginning for myself out here in the interwebs. For many, many years I blogged in a specific corner of cyberspace – it was my home, my place, and I loved it. Sadly, I had to make it a private place – viewable only to a very select few – because I no longer felt safe there. I have yet to feel comfortable returning to that space – even though it was my home from the time my boys were small – so the select few who have access to it have yet to see me add anything for probably almost a year. I’ve decided to let it rest as it is… to just leave it there and let it be.

It’s time for a new beginning…

So here I am, again. A new face for my thoughts, a new place for my words to find a home. It’s still me, but I don’t know how much of myself I will share here. I’m not entirely sure what shape this corner will take… it’s likely that I’ll change the “feel” of it a few times until it “fits”. Those who find this space are sure to read about my new adventure onto the path of bodywork as I hope to begin a massage therapy program, and since I’m unlikely to maintain a single focus — my life is far too busy for that — there will probably be other bits of myself and our family that find their home here as well. We’ll see…

If you’ve found me here, welcome. If you have wounds that need healing, and a spirit that is learning to breathe again — know that you’ve met a kindred soul. Perhaps together we can learn to do small things with great love…

It’s love that this world needs…


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